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A List of South African Online Marketplaces

by Admin
South African Online Marketplaces

In this digital age, consumer market heavily relies on the internet for everything from directions to reviews. If you’re running a business and have not started building an online presence, you are missing on a lot of potential customers. The truth is, you cannot rely solely on a physical store/operations. You have to take your business to where people are, which is the internet. But worry not because it is getting easier and easier to start selling online.

There are many solutions that have been built over time to help businesses create their online presence. Among other solutions, is marketplaces. These platforms are designed to simplify a life of a small business by providing an already developed platform where you can just list your products and start selling.

If you’re new to selling online, marketplaces can be an excellent way to generate revenue and build your brand as you work to drive traffic to your website. Even when you have an already established online store, listing your products to selected ecommerce marketplaces can be an excellent way to expand your reach.

Therefore if you want to expand your ecommerce business, online marketplaces are a must. Below we have listed marketplaces created by South Africans for South Africans small businesses to look out for and consider listing your products and/or services:

Yebo Fresh

Yebo Fresh is inspired by the need for transformation in the world of township shopping, as well as for making quality, fresh food and household goods accessible to all.


RSAMade is a proudly e-commerce web site which gives South African products the opportunity to be placed in the hands of local and global consumers. Partnered with Proudly South African, these two successful initiatives promote the manufacture and consumption of locally made goods.

RSAMade retail platform is the perfect place for South African products to be showcased to South Africa and the rest of the globe. Merchants are able to take their locally, manufactured products and display them for the opportunity of global exposure, giving them recognition on a larger retail field.

Ourlives MarketPlace

Ourlives Marketplace is a digital marketplace that gives local brands and businesses a platform to showcase their products and services. The aim is to make it easier to access these small business thus improving their digital footprint and increasing their reach.


Rizemarket is a proudly South African marketplace platform that brings together local small businesses looking to promote, advertise and sell their products and/or services as well as consumers looking to buy local products and services. The aim is the help improve their digital presence and reach which results to leads and sales.

Rizemarket has nicely blended features of Ecommerce and Classified advertisement. This means you can either advertise your products and services or advertise and sell on site (it is completely optional). Rizemarket caters for both service based as well product based businesses.

Service Hub

Service Hub is a service provider marketplace that allows consumers to find service providers around them. Encouraging entrepreneurship is one of their pillars and aim to help with the growth of freelancers, small businesses and the informal sector. The use of Service Hub for service providers means they will be able to be accessible to a larger pool of consumers, reducing the amount of marketing they need to do themselves.

Please comment below if there are marketplaces you’d like us to add on the list


Obonagetse Pataki April 24, 2022 - 3:16 pm

Hi, there’s another marketplace called Service Hub. May you kindly add it to the list

Admin April 24, 2022 - 4:00 pm

Hi Obonagetse. Thank you. Service Hub has been added on the list.


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